Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Africa empowering children international is non profitable organisation dedicated in providing to poor child  in kenya and other parts of africa,the organization is still emerging and undergoing financial challenges in it daily basis opperation, we are looking forward to have many people joining us in making  a difference in kenya and other parts of africa, we believe we will be able to make a diffence through education, we believe that God will make a way where seems to be no way, he will make a way nthe sea and in the wilderness he will provide a song  for us to sing when we have no song, he will bring hope when we have no hope.
africa empowering children was formed n the year 2011 by Nicholas Khisa, Nicholas born inthe year 1986 as the first born baby boy of Nathan and Naumi Dagala. he was born in a very poor family where he failled to attend to school at the right age due to poverty,Nicholas spend most of the time in his neighbours foam working as child laborer,he was to work in hs neighbours farm so to get food to take to his family home, due to this pain Nicholas wanted to make a difference in his community and in  the small village that he was born, but due to the financial problems he was not able. inthe year 2012 he shared the idea with Bethany Wikfors who is the doughtor of shane and kristine wikfors, Bethany played a very important role in supporting the first 3 children to school, despite of being a student Bethany Wikfors has reall tried to make sure the organization is running well, Bethany Wikfors is a mechancal engineerng studen at the university of biola in california, Bethany has worked extra hard with a little support from his grandparents to to help the needy children in africa,despite being born in America Bethany believes no one chose where he or she was born, she believe everyone was born with purpose of to any nation family that he was born. Bethany will graduating with bachelor in mechanical engineering and we trust God evrything he has done to uu here on earth he will be able  to payed and enjoy after his studies, because the bible states clear that give and t wll be given bac to you.

                     WHERE WE WORK.

we are working in  the villages of the republic of kenya, here we are providing education to the poor children who are not lucky to be given better care by their own parents. in the picture above you can see a child living a in a very terrible situation in slums of kenya, the above  a child s drug addict and for us to bring a diffence in his life we need your support from wherever you, imagine such a young boy 14 years old engaging in drugs,  it is not that easy to change his life, but you give us importantly your prayer we will be able to change this life, we are very greatfull through the support of Bethnay wikfors and friends we have been able to make a diffence  a few children that we have at africa empowering children international, we kindly want aslo to appreciate Bethany,s grand parents who donated their money to our organzation  we are very greatful and may God enable to live long and see many grand children and great grand children. we  also want thank Nikki who is our friends that donated,Bethany has really played a bg role inthis environement, we indeed so happy and be bless in  name!

                OUR  PLANS FOR THE YEAR 2012.

We are planning to set a dometoty that will cost us  $20000, this was donated by one of our frends church from the texas in the united states of america. we will startng this costruction on 15th of March 2012, we kindly need your support in prayers, after that we will be expecting to construct the music school that will cost $30000, this will enable us to raise the young talents inthe republic of kenya and other part of east africa. we also want to construct  a football a cademy that will cost us $50000, this will be able to help kenya and the poor children to harvest from their talents the football academy will assist us to raise the young youth that will play prophesional football abroad and enable the kenya national soccer team to perform in  africa and in the world, the bible says God will make a way where seems to be no way and  it seems there is no talents to this young kids but  kenya is going to change through this young chlidren, this  will enable us to teach  young shildren how to fish and not to give them food. because if we givethem money they will use them and finish in one one day but if we teach them they will eat forever and ever with the entire nation and the entire region of east africa,if you are willing to join us on this project you can wring to Bethany wikfors who is united states throuth this email if youn are inthe united states, but if you are in africa you can write to Nicholas khisa through or write to we will be happy to see you being part of,

                         OUR PROJECTS.

our main projecj is education project here is provind education to poor child in Africa so as to enable the change of life style in kenya as you know kenya is the country affected  by poltical impunty , trible discreamination and politician tend to take the interest of their famlies and their tribe s without knowing and taking theinterest of the common citizen! we trying to  focus on providing eduacation to mae poor people to be aware of their right,  and change their life style.


we welcome all those from kenya and and foreign contres who want to volunnteer with us whenthey are in holiday, Eldoret city is 5 hours from Nairobi city and 12 hours from Mombasa  by bus, if will get opportunity to volunteer with us you will get time  to interact with the local people learn swahili together with other local language, you will also travel to the village learn how to cook african meal such as Ugali and the green vegetable of sukuma wiki, you will also get tme to play with kids, our children  are friend and ready to interact and i do believe you will enjoy as you play with young kds, you will aslo get time to teach your language to our kids. you will also learn english wth them if you don,t know and you can also teach them. you will get a place to sleep  for free with meal and clean water when you will; be staying with us, we are happy indeed to have youas one of us ,be bless and feel free in joining us.

our children also undertakes evamgelism mission during the weekend  when they are not in school here they are able to share there testimonies with other people in the diffence cities of kenya and east africa, here are able to raise some money to  run our organizationthroughthe sell of our music, if are alos willingto preach n one of our meeting you can join us, and take the message to your people because the bible say, how will they know that we really love the lord but unless we go to them, indeed we are going to them with our music and we do beleve we will brings million of people tot he lord. youare also willng to support ths ministry you can jon me.


on how  to donate you can write to bethany wikfors through this email she will advice you on what to do and more on how to donate  to our emerging organization, we will be glad to have you as one of africa empowering children family, if you have used to closed that you feal like donating to us just write to bethanya nd she will direct on how to send themn to africa empowering children internationnal kenya,


we also offer adoption program to those people who will like supporting individual children, here it means you can take one child and be his or her  sponsor and pay hos school fee and  other necesties. you are interested also you write to Bethany at or write to you be quided well if you are intersted n taking part and being part of us. be bless as you join this important program inthe world.


one child use $120 per month for food and other things likewashing and bathing soap.this the correct figure.  we kindly  call on anyone who feel like doing so to do so.


we are expecting to purchase a good car that will be assisting us carry out the evangelism mission,  we need $10000 us dollars to buy hte four wheal drive car, and it will mak e avrything easy in our mission, if you interested intaking part inthe purchasing of a car you can join us write to bethany wikfors.through and will be bless. you can also join us in prayer if  you are interested we really appreciate your prayer support, pray and God will answer our prayer, he will not let us into ashame.


 You have any question you can write to us through the following address.

be blessn in jesus name!


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