Wednesday, 7 March 2012

editing my blog site



    to ensure we have enough food security we must make sure we save a lot food, so whoever who is willing like donating to join us.


    this the enemy in the republic of kenya and we are striving using education to see if we can be able to overcome it so we do believe you are ready to come in with purpose of kicking poverty out of the the country! it is not hat easy but we do believe we will be able to win and set this country in a better position it the duty of me and you to ensure that we are in good position, may God bless us as we join hands together.

  3. those people who wish to volunteer with us will pay the following fee for the there food and the suppport of the organization and that will also include the airport pick up.

    1. $400 for two week.
    2.$500 for 3 weeks
    3.cost for one month $600
    4.$800 for 6 weeks
    5.$1100 for 2 months.
    6.10 weeks is $1200.
    7.$1500 for 3 months
    8.$1800 for 4 months
    9. $2200 for 5 months.
    10.$2500 FOR 6 MONTHSS